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About Dawn


Dawn was born with special gifts.  One of her earliest memories is being in the woods near her family farm and visiting with spirit.  Her father watched her talking to what seemed as air, as she sat on her blanket. She seemed to be holding “court”, jabbering away to no one.  Later that day, her Father told her Mother about she was having a picnic with her friends.  Her Mother scolded her, saying that strangers were dangerous, and she was to talk to no one without a parent with her. Even at this young age, Dawn knew instinctively that here spirit friends were not seen by everyone.

​While Dawn “shut down” or ignored her abilities for several years, her empathic gifts continued to develop. She has always had a deep desire to help people.  Her struggle continued with dyslexia.  In elementary school, she learned to watch the colors around people to understand how to relate to them.  She often asked why people were yellow, blue or green. No one knew the answers to these questions. It was obvious she did not see things as others did.

​Eventually, she learned to embrace the gifts and all the information she was getting—it has never directed her wrong.  Slowly, she began sharing her abilities with others; people began to reach out to see if specific people could be contacted.  The responses were life changing


As a Medium:  Dawn leaves no doubt in your mind that the spirit she is connecting with is your loved ones on the other side.  She receives strong feelings, images and insights. Often, she is able to mimic mannerisms, dialects, speech patterns and body language that clients immediately recognize. “That is what He/She would have said!” or “Your hands and facial expressions completely resemble how they would have acted!”  are phrases that are often repeated in readings.

As an Intuitive:  Dawn uses her intuitive abilities and connection with spirit to help clients gain broader insight into their lives’ purpose.  This aids them in better understanding relationships, love, career, business and family.  She never tells them just what they want to hear, as this does not help anyone. She gives guidance and insight into her life and perhaps shows and other perspective to a situation, so a better decision can be made on a particular situation.

​Dawn always does her best to get all of your questions answered.  At times loved ones come thru clearly with amazing content.  Other times, it is very surprising who will show up!  You will always get what you need in these sessions.  All these years later, she still has a strong desire to help people. Luckily, the field is now broader.

Dawn’s husband is also an intuitive and an empath himself.  She is the mother of 3 highly intuitive girls and the step-mother of 2 very spiritual boys.  She works daily on being present and giving gratitude for the simple joys that our beautiful lives hold.


Training/Courses Completed:
  • Reiki Master by Hozo Healing

  • Medicine Wheel by Hozo Healing

  • Platform Mediumship by Lisa Williams

  • Forensic Mediumship by Lisa Williams

  • Psychic Investigator by Allison Gannon

  • Time Travelers Guide to the Universe by Denise Linn

  • Past Life Regression by Sandra Ann Taylor

  • Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reader by Denise Lnn

  • Manifesting Miracles by Julie Geigle

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